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Item specifics

Condition: UsedVehicle Identification Number (VIN): JKAKXVE18TA015129
Year: 1996Exterior Color: Green
Make: KawasakiEngine Size (cc): 500
Model: KXVehicle Title: Clear
Type: Off-RoadFor Sale By: Private Seller
Mileage: 0  
With mixed feelings, I offer my 1996 KX500 for sale. This was a complete restoration, done in 2011, and built for motocross. I invested a ton of time, and over $7000 in parts. At this point, I have too many bikes and not enough time. As much as I love the big KX, it mostly sits. Since the restoration, it has been ridden about 5-6 times for perhaps 10 hours total time. Enough to dial it in and prove it's reliable. I spared no expense in this restoration. The Pro Circuit suspension work alone cost $1000.This is a great bike because all of the work is DONE, bugs worked out and the mods make it significantly better than a stock KX500. I’d love to sell it to someone who will appreciate the work done and ride/race it!

Willing to ship if buyer arranges, or local buyers in the Los Angeles area can pick up. Title is clear, green sticker through June 2014. View my feedback and bid with confidence.  Any questions, holler
I bought the low-hour but neglected KX500 in 2010 and set about restoring it.  Below is a summary of “most” of what it done. There’s a lot more, but it gets into too many small details. I have a complete parts list that I can provide upon request. I cleaned the bike “well” but drew the line on how much scrubbing I’d do (mostly chain lube related).


Everything came off, and the frame was powdercoated black after some touch-up welding in weak areas. AC Racing subframe to replace the bent stocker. IMS footpegs. Works Connection Frame Guards.


The 1996 was the last year with the 43mm fork, and I wanted the larger 46mm fork from later years. I bought a set of forks off ebay from a 1998 KX500 and sent them, along with the shock to Pro Circuit for a full revalve/service. Sprung for a 210 pound Intermediate for MX. Suspension alone is over $1000 and still fresh. Emig Racing linkage pull rods were installed more recently. These are direct replicas of the Pro Circuit rods from back in the day, and raise the rear end to help the bike corner better. I rode the bike before and after this mod, and it definitely helps.  Every bearing and seal was replaced in the swingarm and linkage.


New Black Excel A60 wheels with new excel spokes. Comes with spoke wrench that fits the unique spoke nipples. Lacing/truing was done by Buchanan and other than a few scratches (impossible to avoid with black), they are good.  New wheel bearings and seals were installed.


A weak area on these bikes, particularly the front. I sourced a master cylinder from a 2007 YZ450F which has the same brake line routing and bolted right up. Works Connection cover is a cool touch. Combined with an oversized EBC front rotor kit and a black Spiegler brake line, the performance of the front brake is perhaps the single biggest improvement made over stock. The rear has an EBC rotor as well (standard size) with EBC pads and a Spiegler line.


New Fasst Co. Flex Bars – these are $350 alone! Triple Clamps are BRP to accommodate the larger forks from a later year. Levers are top-of-the line ASV. New kill switch.


New chain rollers/buffers. BRP lower chain guide.  Michelin Starcross tires still have life, and show how much the bike has been ridden since the resto.


Every plastic piece on the bike was replaced including the tank (Clarke). KX450 front fender instead of the skinny stocker. Pingel petcock was installed. Guts tall (medium density) seat. Factory Effex graphics


Rebuilt from the ground up to stock spec, except for a Rad Valve. Cases split. Transmission and crank were fine – we replaced the crank bearings and crank seals. Cylinder replated by Powerseal. Porting is stock, head is stock. Runs on pump gas. Wiseco piston (warm her up good before riding!). Complete disassembly/servicing of the power valve. Cometic gaskets used throughout. Every seal or O-ring that could be replaced was replaced. EBC clutch plates & springs. The basket in great shape, proving we started with a low hour bike. Driven Racing shift lever. Boyesen Rad Valve. Boyesen flywheel cover. Jetting is dialed in for 3,000 feet. Trans fluid changed every 2 rides with Maxima fluids.


I prefer the look of the stock exhaust on these bikes, so that’s what is there. The one that is on there was an ebay item (I liked the ceramic coating of the later years versus black paint). Upon arrival, I noticed some cracks that the seller hadn’t disclosed.  We welded it, applied clearcoat and it has lasted 5 rides so perhaps we’re in the clear. There are no dents in the pipe but shows a bit of wear as you can see in the pics. I also like the look of the stock silencer, which was freshly repacked.  I have a Pro Circuit platinum pipe and 304 silencer combo that are like new, used 1x. If you want them, they are yours for an additional $200 beyond auction final price (value new - $370).


A lot of little things that aren’t worth detailing.  Things like a new throttle tube, exhaust pipe rubbers/springs, etc. As mentioned, while the bike was torn apart, I replaced everything that needed replacing.  The previous owner must have added a headlight to the bike, as there is an extra wire coming from the stator. Can’t say if it works or not, but probably does? 


Not much.  We welted the upper pipe mount as it had broken for the previous owner. It made it 3 rides and broke again.  This is a well-known weak point on these bikes.  I left it (its fine).Countershaft is leaking slightly, which is also fairly common. I have a new O-Ring that will be included.
Kickstarter is original and a bit loose compared to how tight the rest of the bike is. New ones are still available from Kawasaki for around $100 and if I was keeping the bike, I’d replace.


Works Connection skid plate. One of the mounts needs a little grinding to clear the motor.
Stock linkage pull rods plus miscellaneous suspension linkage parts

Welded, longer clutch arm. Found one ebay, bought it, cleaned it up and painted it but never installed.  Common mod to reduce the fairly heavy clutch pull on these bikes.

47T Vortex Rear sprocket (I put on a 49T Pro Taper)


On Feb-28-14 at 12:08:55 PST, seller added the following information:

 I found more extras to include. Please see new photo that details them.  I am having a hard time locating the extra Vortex 49T sprocket I mentioned at this time so until I find it, please know this won't be included. I will update if/when I do.  Thank you.

On Mar-02-14 at 21:26:05 PST, seller added the following information:

List of parts as part of this build.  Formatting may be funky....copy/paste from MS excel.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.  Bike is freshly restored but has been ridden, therefore not a museum piece.  :-)   Air filter and trans fluid fresh.  It's ready to ride.

1996 KX500 Total List of Parts

Company Item Price Qty Total

AllBalls Crank Shaft Bearing Kit 66.79 1 $66.79

Autolite XP Xtreme Performance Iridium Plug 7.95 1 $7.95

Boyesen Rad Valve $179.95 1 $179.95

Boyesen Factory Racing Ignition Cover $82.95 1 $82.95

Cometic Complete Engine gasket kit $89.65 1 $89.65

Driven Racing Folding Shift lever $32.95 1 $32.95

EBC Complete Clutch Kit $166.00 1 $166.00

PowerSeal USA Plate/Hone $179.00 1 $179.00

PowerSeal USA Welding/Repair $100.00 1 $100.00

Twin Air Twin Air Filter $29.95 1 $29.95

Wiseco Top-end Kit $192.61 1 $192.61


AC Racing Subframe $255.00 1 $255.00

All Balls Steering Bearing/Seal Kit $33.54 1 $33.54

All Balls Linkage Bearing Kit $84.95 1 $84.95

Andrews Powdercoating Full Frame Powdercoat $379.00 1 $379.00

ARC RC8 Clutch Perch $179.95 1 $179.95

ARC Brake Lever - YZ450F $59.95 1 $59.95

BRP Rubber mounted upper triple clamp $179.95 1 $179.95

BRP Lower Triple Clamp $179.95 1 $179.95

BRP Chain Guide Block $69.95 1 $69.95

Clarke Manufacturing KX500 Stock tank - green $209.00 1 $209.00

EBAY Used 2007 YZ450F Master Cylinder $30.00 1 $30.00

EBC Double-H Sintered Metal - Front $74.95 1 $74.95

EBC Double-H Sintered Metal - Rear $74.95 1 $74.95

EBC Front Oversize Rotor Kit $180.00 1 $180.00

EBC Rear Contoured Brake Rotor $121.00 1 $121.00

Emig Racing Linkage Pull Rods $90.00 1 $90.00

Excel 21 inch A60 front wheel - black $199.68 1 $199.68

Excel 19 inch A60 rear wheel - black $230.44 1 $230.44

Excel Front Spoke set $103.00 1 $103.00

Excel Rear spoke set $105.00 1 $105.00

Factory Backing Custom Numberplate Graphics $39.99 1 $39.99

Fasst Company Fasst Bars $349.99 1 $349.99

Guts Cover $79.90 1 $79.90

Guts Tall Foam $59.90 1 $59.90

IMS Pro Series Footpegs $96.00 1 $96.00

Michelin Starcross MH3 Int-Hard, Front 80/100-21 $70.99 1 $70.99

Michelin Starcross MH3 Int-Hard, Rear 110/90-19 $83.99 1 $83.99

Moose Chain Roller $14.95 2 $29.90

Moose Drain Plug, magnetic, red $22.95 1 $22.95

Moose Wheel Spacer Kit $29.95 1 $29.95

Moose Sprocket Bolt Kit, Locking $9.95 1 $9.95

Moose Moose Exhaust Springs $13.95 2 $27.90

Moose Front Brake Pin $11.95 1 $11.95

Moose Rear Brake Pin $11.95 1 $11.95

Moose Throttle Tube $44.95 1 $44.95

Moose Wheel Bearing Kit - Rear $22.95 1 $22.95

Moose Wheel Bearing Kit - Front $18.95 1 $18.95

Moose Swingarm Bearing Kit $46.95 1 $46.95

Motion Pro Throttle Cable $17.99 1 $17.99

Motion Pro Terminator Clutch Cable $33.99 1 $33.99

Pingel Power-Flo Petcock $90.50 1 $90.50

Pro Circuit Complete Suspension Revalve & Respring $1,000.00 1 $1,000.00

RK Chain RK Special Gold MXU $124.15 1 $124.15

Spiegler Performance Parts Brake Line Kit - front $83.95 1 $83.95

Spiegler Performance Parts Brake Line Kit - rear $69.95 1 $69.95

Tag  Slim Grips $10.00 1 $10.00

UFO Radiator Cover $59.99 1 $59.99

UFO Rear Fender $29.99 1 $29.99

UFO Side Cover $63.99 1 $63.99

UFO Front # Plate $28.99 1 $28.99

UFO Fork Slider Protector $30.99 1 $30.99

UFO Front Fender - KX450F $26.99 1 $26.99

Vortex 47 Tooth Rear Sprocket, black $72.95 1 $72.95

Vortex 14 tooth front sprocket $22.95 1 $22.95

Works Connection Frame Guards $65.00 1 $65.00

Works Connection Skid Plate $74.95 1 $74.95

Works Connection Billet Brake Cover $27.50 1 $27.50

Works Connection Fuel Vent Cap $12.95 1 $12.95

Works Connection KX Rear Caliper Guard $29.95 1 $29.95


On Mar-04-14 at 13:10:33 PST, seller added the following information:

The missing Vortex rear sprocket has been located and will be included in this auction, along with some other miscellaneous bits not noted above or in the "extras" picture.  To clarify, as I wrote it wrong above....the Pro Taper sprocket currently on the bike is a 49T. The Vortex that comes with the bike is a 47T. After a couple rides, I determined the 47T was a bit tall for MX.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

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